Happy New Year!

And it’s drawing talk time!

I did the sketches for this page in the “Paper” app on an iPad instead of the Cintiq. It was faster, but I missed the Photoshop features (mirroring, resizing and stuff), and I still had to fix some things using Photoshop/Cintiq afterwards. The inking also was a bit more difficult because the sketch wasn’t as detailed as I usually do them. (I wish I could do it the way I’ve seen some experienced webcomic artists doing it, with sketches that are really… sketches and not basically a blue version of the black lines. But I rarely get any lines right on the first try, so I really need my detailed sketches. – For now! I know I will get better with time. 🙂)

One good thing about the iPad compared to the Cintiq was that it felt a lot more comfortable to use. I haven’t found a healthy working position with the Cintiq yet. It’s probably too big, and I don’t know how to position the keyboard so I can use the keys with my left hand while drawing on the Cintiq with the right one. Maayyybeee making some changes to my desk setup would be a good idea!

I also wanted to give Manga Studio (which has a new name that I can’t remember right now) another try because apparently it’s good for perspective things and I would like to draw more backgrounds – but I got so used to Photoshop that it’s difficult to really get the motivation to learn something new. :-/ I know I don’t have to switch software just because Jeph Jacques did it, but I’ve been re-reading Questionable Content from the beginning the past few days, and boy do I adore that webcomic. There were also some storylines in the first 1000 comics that I had completely forgotten about. And sometimes I thought “oh dear, I used the same wording in HM at some point, I hope my subconsciousness wasn’t copying it from here!”

I might be experimenting more with drawing tools in the future, and I continuously love “Questionable Content”.