This is a webcomic about people who work at a game company named “Hellfire Cowboys” (which is also the name of the MMORPG they make), and other people who work at a beauty salon named “Perfect Lady”.

There is a continuous storyline, so I recommend reading the pages in the order they were published.

Comic #1 is included at the end of this page, so if you’d like to start reading right away, scroll down (or follow this link to the actual first page). 🙂

I made this landing page because I’m never sure which link to send to people – the first page (which makes sense story-wise, but has the worst art), the latest page (which has better art, but might not make sense on its own), or perhaps the “about” page…?
So here’s a compromise. 😀


Art examples:

Characters Henrike and John on page 5, talking about peanuts:

Henrike and John on page 5

The same two characters on page 243, talking about country music:

Henrike and John on page 243


The comic begins with Dany, who works as a customer service agent at Hellfire Cowboys.

comic page 1